2005 Reunion

First of all, our 2005 – the 71st annual reunion of the Cole Family – will be August 14 at Harley Park in Boonville (shelter house #3). For directions please see the bottom of the page.

We are planning a regular, old timey basket dinner. The Association has the coolers for ice tea and lemonade; paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic flatware. So if you want something other than tea, lemonade or water (which is available at the shelter house) you can bring it.

Bring food for your family and we’ll put it all out on the tables for everyone to share. Bring your own utensils too, if you would rather. It is a good idea to bring your lawn chairs and maybe a blanket or quilt for the kids to sit on.

There is a really nice playground just a short way down the hill from the shelter and a ball field right across the street. The city has just finished a nice parking lot there, and restrooms are right beside the shelter.

Some of us will probably be there by about 10-10:30, but we won’t eat till noon. The meeting will follow – probably by 1:30 or 2:00. We’re usually finished by 3 or 3:30.

You can hang around as long as you want if you are not finished with your visiting.

Tentative agenda for the meeting this year includes, of course, the cemetery report; whether to make the annual reunion in Boonville permanent: someone to take over the genealogy position that Don has now; someone to do the website; sale of the 2004 commemorative stamp cancellation envelopes; progress on the Hannah Cole stamp; update on the archives at the Friends of Historic Boonville; election of officers, and anything else anyone wants to talk about.

We have a “new business” item, and we have pretty informal meetings, so either let me know if there is something you want on the agenda, or just bring it up then.

If you remember, at our meeting last year, Jason and Courtney Cole offered to set up our website. We have not had any contact with them and I haven’t been able to get in touch with them. I do know they have been very busy in school in Kansas City, so maybe they just haven’t had the time to get with me on the details.

I’m sure there is someone else in our “huge” family that could handle this, so if you have a little bit of extra time and know how to set this all up, please contact me. Or be prepared with details at the meeting.

Just a reminder – we will have a registration table set up so hopefully we can catch everyone to SIGN THE BOOK!!

We will send out a short one page notice shortly before the reunion date as a reminder, but we will go on and put the directions of how to get to Harley Park in now in case you want to have your directions ahead of time.


If you are coming from the west on I-70, exit at the Hwy 5 exit. Go left towards town. As you go down “Golflinks Hill”, Sombart Rd. will turn off to the left at the edge of the golf course.

Follow Sombart to Santa Fe Trail, turn right. About a mile. Harley Park will be on your left. Stay on the main road to the north end of the park – the third shelter house.

From the east on 70, exit at Hwy 87 (Bingham Rd.). Follow 87 to Main St. – beside the firehouse – make a right; go to the stoplight (two blocks) and turn left onto Hwy 5 (Ashley Rd.).

Go just past the golf course and turn right on Sombart Rd.

Follow the previous directions for getting to the park.

If you are downtown viewing the statue on Morgan Street, you can follow Morgan west. It goes to the park.

Boonville folks are friendly and helpful. If you can’t find it, ask.