Information for Cole Genealogy Records and Database

There is a lot of information that Maude would like to collect regarding Cole Genealogy.

parents names, name of baby; date of birth; where born (hospital, city, state) sex of baby (male or female), if the child goes by another name other than their give name, what that name is.

name of Cole Descendent, spouses name, birth date a location; date of marriage; location (church, city, state) Names of children step-children and Cole descendents (as much detail as possible male, female, birth date, place of birth (hospital, city, state)

date divorce was final, if the marriage was annulled please let us know that as well

date of death, place of death, date and place of memorial service and visitation (funeral home, church, city and state), date of burial, place of burial (city, state), obituary, cause of death if known

branch, served during wars if so which ones, dates of service, enlistment date, discharge date, type of discharge, any awards received during service, (medal of honor, etc.)

Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and can be sent to her at